Featuring 75 micro and low stakes events with a combined prize pool of more than $1,000,000, the Micro Turbo Online Poker Series is fifteen days of Multi-Entry Turbo tournament action. The series includes a range of tournaments with buy-ins starting from as little as $0.55 or 100Full Tilt Points. You can also use your points to buy MTOPS tickets directly from theFull Tilt Store, or satellite your way in now for as little as $0.01 or 3 Full Tilt Points.

How much multi-entry action can you handle?

More multi-entries. More players. More hands.

With so many tournaments to choose from, why not check out theMTOPS Schedule and plan your MTOPS experience today? Win your share of a huge prize pool in one of the ever-popular No Limit Hold'em events or take a shot at a big score in ourIrish,5-Card Omaha and6-Card Omaha tournaments.

All 75 events will have aMulti-Entry Tournament format, enabling players to enter their favorite events several times, while a number of events will feature our newFlipout Tournament andMulti-Day Tournament formats.

In addition to each tournament's prize pool, every MTOPS event will award extra prizes including cash bonuses up to $500, MiniFTOPS Main Event Tournament Tickets and exclusive MTOPS merchandise.

Event Highlights

  • - Multi-Day Tournaments (Event #1, Event #37 and the Main Event) are new to Full Tilt Poker and are played out over more than one day with multiple Day 1s, you can choose the starting time that suits you.
  • - MTOPS Main Event: win your cut of a guaranteed $400,000 in the Main Event multiple Day 1's take place daily from Sunday, June 1st until Day 2 kicks off onSunday, June 8th at 16:00 ET. Players can register for this No Limit Hold'em tournament up to eight times with a buy-in of just $14 + $1.
  • - MyMTOPS is your chance to determine one of the events on the MTOPS schedule and you can even win your entry!


Pro Bounties

Knock any of the Full Tilt Pros out of Pro Bounty MTOPS events to win a $100 cash bounty. The participatingFull Tilt Pros including members ofThe Professionals and theBlack Card Pros are scheduled to take part in Event #1 and the Main Event.

Each sponsored player will register up to the maximum number of entries available per event played, and a separate $100 cash bounty will be paid for each entry knocked out.

Please note that not all of the Full Tilt Pros will play in each Pro Bounty event. Eligible players will be awarded their $100 cash bounties by 23:59 ET on Wednesday, June 11th.

Extra Prizes

In addition to the combined prize pool of more than $1,000,000, extra cash and Tournament Tickets can be won through theMTOPS Leaderboard and theMulti-Entry Challenge.

There's even more on offer if you make a deep run in any MTOPS event:

  • Reach the final table of any MTOPS tournament and you'll receive an exclusive MTOPS t-shirt
  • Win an MTOPS event and you'll receive both an MTOPS hoodie and an MTOPS winner avatar

MTOPS Leaderboard

Welcome to Full Tilt Poker's MTOPS Leaderboards.

At the conclusion of the tournament series, the player with the most Leaderboard Points will win over $1,500 in tournament entries including an FTOPS Main Event buy-in and entry to every MiniFTOPS event.

Finish in second or third place and you'll get Tournament Tickets for every MiniFTOPS event worth approximately $1,000.


MTOPS Multi-Entry Challenge

In addition to the MTOPS Leaderboard, you can also win tournament tickets worth over $1,500 including an FTOPS Main Event buy-in and entry to every MiniFTOPS event via the MTOPS Multi-Entry Challenge Leaderboard. Finish in second or third place and you'll get a ticket package to every MiniFTOPS event worth approximately $1,000.

MTOPS Multi-Entry Challenge Leaderboard chips are awarded as follows:

  • - Cash twice in a single event to earn one chip
  • - Cash three times in a single event to earn three chips
  • - Cash four times in a single event to earn six chips
  • - Cash five times in a single event to earn ten chips
  • - Cash six times or more in a single event to earn twenty chips


Win up to $500 in cash

Merge your stack during an MTOPS event to win a MiniFTOPS Main Event ticket worth $75. If you merge three or more stacks in an individual tournament you'll get a $500 cash bonus for each additional merge. Two or more merges in different tournaments will award multiple $75 Tournament Tickets, and only the ticket you receive for your first merge must be used for the MiniFTOPS Main Event.

Prizes for merging stacks during MTOPS will be awarded after the series ends, by 23:59 ET on Wednesday, June 11th.

Merging your Stacks

When you have more entries than there are tables left in a tournament, two of your entries will be merged together and their chip stacks combined. The entry from the table that is being broken (the "merged entry") will merge with your entry which has the smallest chip stack (the "target entry"). Please note that if the "target entry" is still involved in a hand when a stack merger is about to take place, the chip stacks for the two entries will not be combined until the current hand has finished.

In the event of a tie in the Multi-Entry Challenge Leaderboard, the player who had the highest number of MTOPS entries will be awarded the prize. Multiple entries into individual tournaments will count as separate entries. If there is still a tie, the value of the package will be split between the remaining winners.



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