We've distilled every last drop of FTOPS action into MiniFTOPS your next big tournament experience awaits.

MiniFTOPS is back with 31 chances to turn a small buy-in into a huge score, and includes a range of exciting new features and tournament formats!

Experience the action of all 31 events and win your share of more than $1.4 million in guaranteed prize money.

31 Events 1/10th of the buy-in!

Starting on Sunday, September 7th, MiniFTOPS XXVI features the same events as FTOPS XXVI, but at approximately 1/10th of the buy-in. The series includes Rush Poker Tournaments, in addition to Re-Entry Tournaments and our new Multi-Day Tournaments.

The schedule is also packed with a variety of game types including HORSE, Razz and 6-Card Omaha.

You can buy in to any MiniFTOPS XXVI event directly, or satellite your way in for as little as $0.05 or 25 Full Tilt Points.

All 31 events feature large starting fields and great tournament structures, giving you a lot of play for a little money. See the full MiniFTOPS Schedule for more details.

Event Highlights

  • MiniFTOPS XXVI Main Event. The Main Event kicks off on Sunday, September 21st at 13:30 ET. Featuring a $75 buy-in, this event is a Re-Entry No Limit Hold'em Tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000.
  • Event #28. The Two-Day event gets underway at 12:30 ET on Saturday, September 20th. With a $215 buy-in, there's at least $100,000 to be won in this No Limit Hold'em Multi-Day Event.


Special Features

  • MiniFTOPS Satellite Hero. Become the MiniFTOPS Satellite Hero to win MTOPS Tournament Tickets simply satellite into any MiniFTOPS event, from Sunday, August 17th, and cash in that tournament to win!
  • MiniFTOPS Leaderboard. Finish first on the MiniFTOPS Leaderboard and receive a four-month Black Card Pro Sponsorship contract (100% cashback on your play at Full Tilt Poker during the four-month term of the contract and more), starting on Monday, September 22nd.
  • MiniFTOPS Prizes. All players who make the final table of a MiniFTOPS event will receive a limited-edition MiniFTOPS hoodie*. Winners from each event will receive a silver MiniFTOPS jersey* and a silver MiniFTOPS avatar to go along with their 1st place prize money.




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