Get ready for the latest iteration of MiniFTOPS and more chances to turn a small buy-in into a huge score. Experience the action of all 39 FTOPS XXIV events at a fraction of the price and win your share of more than $3 million in guaranteed prize money.

39 Events - 1/10th of the buy-in!


Starting on Sunday, January 5th, MiniFTOPS features the same events as FTOPS, but all at approximately 1/10th of the buy-in. The series includes Rush Poker Tournaments and Escalator Tournaments, both exclusive to Full Tilt Poker.

MiniFTOPS XXIV highlights include:

  • - The MiniFTOPS Main Event, featuring a $70 + $5 buy-in
  • - The MiniFTOPS Two-Day Event, featuring a $200 + $15 buy-in
  • - The $24 + $2 No-Limit Hold 'em 6-Max Knockout Event


MiniFTOPS XXIV features six Re-Entry Tournaments, which allow you to take another seat in the tournament if you are knocked out while late registration is available and four Multi-Entry Tournaments, in which you can register for the same tournament multiple times. Additionally, five events are scheduled as Rush Poker Tournaments, the world's fastest poker tournament.

The schedule is also packed with a variety of game types, including Irish, 7-Card Stud, 6-Card Omaha and HORSE, back due to popular demand.

You can buy in to any MiniFTOPS XXIV event directly, or satellite your way in for as little as $0.05 or 25 Full Tilt Points starting on Sunday, December 8th.

All of the events feature large starting fields and great tournament structures, giving you a lot of play for a little money. See the full MiniFTOPS Schedule for more details on all 39 events.

MiniFTOPS Main Event

The MiniFTOPS XXIV Main Event begins on Sunday, January 19that 13:00 ET and features a $70 + $5 buy-in. This event is a Re-Entry Tournament and if players are knocked out during late registration they will be given the opportunity to re-enter.

MiniFTOPS Two-Day Event

Featuring a $200 + $15 buy-in, the MiniFTOPS XXIV Two-Day Event begins on Saturday, January 18that 11:00 ET.

The end of day one comes at the conclusion of level 17; if the money has not been reached by the end of level 17, play will continue until the money bubble has burst. Day two begins the next day at 11:00 ET. This tournament features 30-minute blind levels, full-ring tables, and players begin with 7,500 starting chips.

MiniFTOPS Prizes

There is more than money on the line when you play in a MiniFTOPS event. All players who make the final table of a MiniFTOPS event will receive a limited-edition MiniFTOPS jacket*. Winners from each event will receive a silver MiniFTOPS jersey* and a silver MiniFTOPS avatar to go along with their 1st place prize money.

Finish first on the MiniFTOPS Leaderboard and receive a custom Full Tilt Poker avatar and a six-month Black Card Pro Sponsorship contract, starting on Monday, January, 20th. Sponsored players will join the elite Black Card Pro team and receive 100% cash back and the choice of a clearable $20,000 bonus or $20,000 in FTOPS and MiniFTOPS buy-ins.


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