25,000 Sit n Go Challenge

We reward our sit 'n' go players with 25,000 worth of added cash prizes in 4 monthly leaderboards. It is not about the volume of sit 'n' go tournaments played, or even about the buy-in level you choose to play; it is all about how well you place in each tournament. The most skillful player will win every time, so take your seat at the table and show us what you got! Take on this challenge for your chance to win one, or more, of the cash prizes on offer. But the best thing of all, if you are not happy with your result you can try again, and again, until you are fully satisfied with your leaderboard point score in 1, 2 or perhaps all of the 4 leaderboards. Only your best 10 equential tournaments played throughout the month will count towards the leaderboard, and with any additional tournaments played you can only improve your score.

You can view the leaderboard which updates every 20 minutes in the Poker Black client under "My Account" > "Sit 'n' Go Challenge".

Opt-in now

You can only win if you have opted in! Opting in is easy simply click on the opt-in button which can be found in the Poker Black client under "My Account" > "Sit 'n' Go Challenge". Your game play is only counted from the time you opt in, so don't delay opt-in quickly!

Monthly leaderboards

All leaderboards will run from 00:01 GMT on the 1st of every month until 23:59 GMT on the last day of each calendar month.

How are leaderboard points calculated?

Leaderboard points are awarded every time you cash in a 6 or 9 seated sit 'n' go tournament marked with a 'P', and your points are recorded in blocks of 10 sequential sit 'n' go tournaments played. We will only count your highest scoring block of 10 and 50 sit 'n' go tournaments played in row towards the leaderboard. Your leaderboard score will never be reduced; it can only stay the same or be improved by additional tournaments played.

Monthly cash prizes

All cash prizes will be paid out automatically within 7 days after the completion of each month leaderboard.


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