$50,000 Fantasy Poker Jackpot

Fantasy Poker Jackpot

We're paying out $50,000 USD to the first team that builds a Royal Flush! In addition, we have two consolation prizes for those teams that get close, but not quite to the jackpot.



Terms & Conditions

All participants in the $50,000 Royal Flush Jackpot must adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  • • Only valid for hands completed on (or after) September 15th, 2008.
  • • The $50,000 Grand Prize Jackpot, the Royal Flush MUST be the 10, J, Q, K, A of SPADES. Any other Royal Flush (not spades) will qualify for a 1st Consolation Prize.
  • • For each challenge period there may only be:
    • • (1) $50,000 USD winner, (1) $1,000 USD winner and (1) $500 USD winner.
  • • Prize(s) are awarded to teams that acheive the winning hands first.
  • • There are NO ties or splitting of the prizes between teams.
  • • You can't transfer winnings to another player.
  • • Any jackpot cash won by any team will be split evenly between all ACTIVE team members for the challenge period.
    • • "ACTIVE Member" is a team member that has played 50 Raked Hands or more in the current challenge period.
    • • Example: Team ABC wins the 1st Consolation prize, and there are 10 active players on the team. Each player will receive a $100 Cash Bonus ($1,000 / 10 players).
  • • All winners of any prizes agree to allow PokerInside.com and/or BetMost Poker to publish winning details, interviews, pictures, and/or other press material in order to gain promotional exposure.


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