Shaun Deeb SCOOPs Third Watch of the Series

It seems like every few days we are reporting about Shaun [censored] Deeb winning another SCOOP event. Actually, it doesn't just seem that way; it is exactly what is happening. Deeb's third SCOOP title of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker came, once again, in a Stud Event. This time it was event 26-H, the $2,000 Stud High/Low with a $75k guarantee.

The field of 74 created a $148,000 prize pool, nearly doubling the guarantee, with several big names making up the top 12 in the money finishes. Theo "Theo J" Jorgensen finished in 11th, followed by Kristian "CharismA3" Martin in 10th and Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi in 9th, all cashing for $4,070.

Deeb entered the eight handed final table with the chiplead and never let off the gas, personally eliminating several of his opponents including Clayton "slammedfire" Mozdzen who finished in 6th place for $7,770 and "PerpCzech" who finished runner-up for $27,380.

The win was worth $40,330 for Deeb, but perhaps as importantly, it made him the only player ever to win three SCOOP events in a single series and the only player in the world with four career SCOOP titles.


on 21/5/12
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