Randy Ohel Wins Bracelet in Competition for the Worst Hand Possible

If you feel like you're unlucky, and who among us doesn't? Then Deuce-to-Seven Limit Triple Draw Lowball is the game for you. Since 1973 the WSOP has been spreading a Deuce-to-Seven Limit Triple Draw Lowball game, and it's entirely possible that during the series is the one time a year you can find the game being played anywhere in the world. It's not a very popular game. It's played just like Five-Card Draw, but the object is to show down the worst possible hand, rather than the best.

Luckily for Randy Ohel, a 26-Year-Old Las Vegas Poker Pro, he was particularly unlucky during the event and managed to show up with the worst of it again, and again, and again.

The $2,500 buy-in event drew 228 players creating a $518,700 prize pool. Not bad for such an unpopular game. Ohel faced some tough competition at the final table including David Baker, Farzad Bonyadi, who has 3 bracelets of his own, Jason Lavallee and Shawn Buchanan. But Benjamin Lazar, his final opponent, proved to be his toughest challenge.

In a grueling six-and-a-half hour heads-up match, the chiplead switched and estimated 14 times. Ohel was down 16 to 1 then, thirty minutes later, he was up 3 to 1. An hour later, he was back down 15 to 1. The pendulum continued to swing in this fashion, hand after hand, hour after hour, until Ohel was finally able to get all the chips in with the worst of it to win, taking home $145,247 and his first WSOP bracelet.


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