Andrey Pateychuk Wins WPT Prague Main Event

Andrey Pateychuk may be emerging as a major player on the tournament scene, as the Russian has quietly put together a fairly remarkable 2011 tournament year, most recently scoring a victory at the WPT Prague Main Event.

Though Pateychuk seemed the dominating favorite to take be the eventual victor as the final table progressed, Pateychuk's path to victory would face a major roadblock. After entering heads-up play against Adria Balaguer with a slight chip-lead after running over the rest of the final table, Pateychuk would soon find himself at a startling 15-1 chip disadvantage after his A-5 failed to catch-up to his opponent's pocket eights. Pateychuk was able to recover after double-ups with a K-J vs. T-9 and a second with A-K vs. A-Q were able to put Pateychuk back in a competitive position.

Pateychuk would get it all-in against Balaguer holding a mere A-5 yet again. It appeared that Pateychuk was about to face the crippling fate or his A-5 felt once before, as Balaguer held pocket Queens. The 9-7-4 flop seemed to be of little help, but a 3 on the turn added some hope to Pateychuk, who added a few outs with a backdoor wheel draw (A-5 straight.) That hope would be realized with a deuce on the river, that completed Pateychuk's wheel while making him the WPT Prague Champion.

With his recent $630,263, Pateychuk has earned nearly $2 million this year. The once anonymous Russian had an incredible run at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event finishing in 15th place, which was soon followed by a win at the EPT San Remo in October.

Here are the full final table results: (adjusted from euros to USD)

1. Andrey Pateychuk $630,263

2. Adria Balaguer - $320,381

3. Stanislaw Kretz $212,690

4. Benjamin Pollak $139,999

5. Sigurd Eskeland $107,691

6. Russell Carson - $84,807

Though the WPT is just leaving Prague, the EPT is just rolling in and the Main Event is already underway. We'll keep you up-to-date at PokerInside.



on 8/12/11
I've never heard of Pateychuk before does anybody know how old he is?