Cake Poker

Apr 6th 2013

Gold Card Leaderboard

  We’re giving Gold Card earners a chance to win a piece of the Gold Card $30,000 Race purse April 10th through May 7th. Every week we’ll top up 200 players accounts with cash winnings of up to $500.   So get ready to rev up your Gold Card collection at all stakes and levels [...]

Oct 1st 2012

100K Goldfest

  Harvest your Gold Cards in to cash. We’re rolling out $100,000 in exclusive Gold Card buy-in tournaments that offer you the chance to reap over $10,000 in cash winnings. So, hoard them, earn them at the real money ring games or buy them in the Gold Exchange as you’re going to want to have [...]

Jun 3rd 2012

$10,000 Leaderboard & Gold Champ 2012

Every Russian Roulette ring game and tournament played June 3rd through July 1st will rack up points on the $10,000 Leaderboard. Give it your best shot as the top 150 players each week will take a cut of $2,500 cash. $10,000 Leaderboard Every dollar played at the Russian Roulette tables is worth one point on [...]

May 6th 2012

Diamond Mine & 2x Gold Card Rewards

  Diamonds are going to be everybody’s best friend since Diamond Gold Cards will get you a ticket in to $40,000 worth of Gold Card events in our Diamond Mine Gold Card Tournament Series! Diamond Mine lets you play your way up through progressively richer tournaments all the way to the $10,000 Flawless Final! All Diamonds [...]

Apr 2nd 2012

April $100,000 Points Race

  Race 1: April 1st at 0:00 GMT thru April 8th 23:59 GMT Race 2: April 8th at 0:00 GMT thru April 15th 23:59 GMT Race 3: April 15th at 0:00 GMT thru April 22nd 23:59 GMT Race 4: April 22nd at 0:00 GMT thru April 30th 23:59 GMT Monthly Race: April 1st at 0:00 [...]