Aug 12th 2011

Protecting Yourself from Cheating

A relatively new poker player messaged me with a few questions today. Besides the usual questions about what site to play on and where to find the best poker advice, he asked how he could avoid being cheated or scammed. It is a hot topic in the poker world this week with the Jose “Girah” [...]

May 13th 2011

PokerInside Member Wins $10,000 Freeroll

PokerInside: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started playing poker: Callmynuts: I am a 31 year old IT Business student from Germany. I started off playing FL Holdem in 2005, usually on iPoker or Full Tilt. Before long I got into “Exotic Games” Stud Razz PLO8. Today I mostly play Stud, [...]

Nov 10th 2010

12 Signs You Are A Bad Poker Player

We all desire to play great poker.  The reality is a only a small minority of players have the necessary combination of discipline, strategy, and patience to be a long term big winning poker players.  There is a larger middle category of small winners and near break even players who battle the rake, have most [...]