Exclusive challenges that pay you double the rewards.

We created these challenges to reward our most active players. We are puting our money on the line for the sake of competition! Our challenges reward you while you earn bonuses and/or rakeback from our poker rooms - That means you get double rewards!

PokerInside.com Featured Challenges

***NEW*** Poker Payroll Challenge

The more you play the more WE PAY! Every hand you play at participating poker rooms you will earn Poker Nibs. The more Poker Nibs you earn = the more CASH you win on our newdynamic pay scale!

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***NEW*** Team Fantasy Poker Challenge

10 players per team and over $4,000 in June Payouts! Playing raked hands will earn Fantasy Cards for your team. Five Fantasy Cards will build one Fantasy Hand. Your Fantasy Hands will receive point values for the Leaderboard. Don't miss this exciting new TEAM Challenge!

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$500 Referrer Challenge

The more people you invite to PokerInside, the more cash you earn! Each person you refer to PokerInside will help you earn more money.

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September $200 Blogger Challenge

All Tiltblog.com and PokerInside bloggers will receive a $200 freeroll token!... read more!

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